Tuesday, 19 February 2013

How to Troubleshoot a Brother MFC- 665CW Printer

The MFC-665CW is a photo color all-in-one printer developed and marketed by Brother. The printer
also comes with wireless networking. Some problems MFC-665CW users encounter include error codes,
paper jams, networking issues and low quality printing. Brother offers a wide range of troubleshooting
techniques to resolve such problems. Use some techniques to solve general issues, while others target
specific components of the printer.


Restart your Brother printer to get rid of standby error messages on the LCD
screen. Unplug the printer and wait for at least 30 seconds before plugging it back
on. Sometimes a simple restart can resolve error messages on the printer.

Clear "Machine Error 46" by replacing the existing ink cartridges with new ones.
Brother recommends you use their brand as opposed to third-party ink catridges.

The MFC-665CW uses the "LC51BK," "LC51C," "LC51M" and "LC51Y"
ink cartridges. The cartridge installation instructions are provided inside the

Troubleshoot paper jam and clear the message "No Paper Fed" from the LCD
screen. Turn the printer around and remove the "Jam Clear Cover" on the back
side. Look for any paper scraps or jammed paper in the rear of the unit. Pull out
the jammed paper gently from the the feed roller. Do not touch the feed roller.

Clear the "Out of Memory" message while scanning a document to be copied or
faxed. Press the "Menu" key on the printer panel. Press the up/down arrow button
to locate "Fax." Push "OK." Press the up/down arrow button to locate "Advanced
Fax Operation." Push "OK." Press the up/down arrow button to locate "Print Fax"
or "Print Document." Push "OK." Push the "Black(Mono) Start" button. Push
the "Stop/Exit" button once the printer finishes the printing task.

Troubleshoot the message "No devices could be found over the network."
Insert the Brother MFL-Pro Suite installation disc and wait till the installation
wizard appears on screen. Select "Network Connection" for the connection type.
Click "Next." When prompted to retry to search for the device again, click "No."
Select "Specify your machine by address (Advanced Users)." Type the IP
address of your Brother machine. Refer to your user guide to find the IP address.
Click "Next." Follow on-screen guided prompts to complete the installation.


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